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The Cape San Blas Lighthouse, one of Gulf County's most popular landmarks, is in danger of being lost.

Unrelenting beach erosion at the Cape has threatened the historic structure for more than 150 years. Much of the land around the lighthouse and several associated structures have already been consumed by the waters of the Gulf. Although it has been replaced and/or relocated before, it is now obvious that more aggressive measures are needed if this coastal icon is to be saved.

The City of Port St. Joe has expressed interest in saving the lighthouse from its imminent demise, possibly moving it one final time onto a safer home on city property near St. Joseph Bay. A similar move of the St. George Island light was successfully completed several years ago, but not until after the brick structure had been completely destroyed, requiring a daunting amount of reconstruction work. The success of that project and a deep love for their own lighthouse has inspired local citizens to get involved with the move, a project that faces numerous challenges, not the least of which is funding.

The St. Joseph Historical Society has established this website to inform, educate and encourage private citizens, government agencies and businesses in an effort to bring all parties together to save the Cape San Blas Lighthouse and thereby make the historic structure available to visitors for years to come. The location currently being considered is the recently completed George Core Park.

"This has the potential to be an economic engine for the city," Port St. Joe's mayor Mel Magidson said. "There are a number of issues we need to look into...but we would be remiss for not trying."

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